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Welcome to Our Wholesale Web Site!
Your wholesale purchases transform the lives of artisans in the developing world. Fair Trade provides sustainable, living wages for the artisans that hand craft our patchwork quilts and other fabulous textiles.

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  We are Fair Trade Federation, Green America, Fair Trade Alliance, & Better Business Bureau members [an A+ Rating]. --------
fair trade artisans Many of our Textiles & Ceramics were used to create  Guatemalan themed sets on episodes of "Law & Order, Criminal Intent" and, "Saving Grace".

 Fair Trade Quilts & Crafts  is a social business established in 2000 to support craft and weaving cooperatives. We strive to preserve traditional methods of hand weaving while providing a steady & fair income to the artisans. 

Our products have been featured in "Bust", "People's Style Watch!", "Yoga Journal", Domino, "Time Out New York" and "Latina" magazines. Upcoming this Winter in "The World of Interiors". And From “Lucky Magazine” ... “their quilts are simply beautiful.” Our crafts were also featured at the National Gallery of Art's Gallery Shop during their special Mayan Exhibit called "The Courtly Art of the Ancient Maya". 

Fair Trade Handbag & Shoulder Bag Sale! - See Wholesale Page Two

Ceramic Mug Sale! - See Wholesale Page Three

 Policies: We sell wholesale to stores, Churches and charitable organizations. 

Delivery time:
Items ship within 24 to 48 hours. Delivery within 1 week or less [unless item is out of stock]. 

Payment Terms:
Most customers prefer to pay with a credit card or via PayPal so we have set up a shopping cart through CCNOW. Simply Click on the "Buy Now From CCNOW"  buttons for each item you would like to purchase. Then follow the steps provided to check out. We will then notify you once your order has been shipped. Please email us at to establish an account. Because of  sales tax issues with our shopping cart service, MN wholesale customers must be billed net 30 days and pay by check. 

Minimum order:
$200.00, [$16.00 shipping charge for smaller orders]. No shipping charge on bulk orders over $200.00 in the Continental US. We ship to Alaska, HI, and Internationally [contact us for those rates]. 

Discounts: A 2% discount [rebate] on all orders of $1000 or more, and 5% on orders over $2000.00.  

Returns: We have a 30 day return policy.

Orders can be placed by email  at , fax [757-428-3067], 
or  phone [757-428-7218]. Email us at  with any questions. 

Wholesale Prices: Winter/Spring 2015: The prices below include Continental US shipping [orders of $200.00 or more]. Please contact us for shipping rates on International orders. 

New Items

7025bweb.jpg (487030 bytes) #468/ Large Hand Woven Cotton Backpack from Guatemala. 19 x 16 inches. Three exterior pockets. Lots of roomIMG_1417b.jpg (744770 bytes) inside. Padded Shoulder Straps. Beautiful, Unique & Durable. $42.95.

[Another View]


[Back ordered until 5/28/15]

indian bedspread Fabulous King Size Handmade "Bittersweet" Gujarat Patchwork Tapestry Bedspread from India. Brightly Embroidered Cotton Patches. They combine recycled antique saris and wedding gowns sewn with Zardosi embroidery, Kutch crochet, and Gujarati mirror and sequin work. Extremely well made. Available in King-size only [104 x 96 inches]. Black Cotton backing. 


#385/ King Size "Bittersweet" Gujarat Antique Tapestry Bedspread [104 x 96]. $89.95.
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Rose Gujarat Antique Tapestry Bedspreads!

fair trade bedspread Fabulous Rose Handmade Gujarat Antique Patchwork Tapestry Bedspread from India. A combination of recycled antique saris and wedding gowns sewn with Zardosi embroidery, Kutch crochet, and Gujarati mirror, jewel andfair trade sequin work. Some of the patches are 80 to 100 years old so please expect imperfections. Each approx. 102 x 92 inches. Each is unique, but  similar to the examples pictured. Black Cotton backing.

#422/ Rose Gujarat Antique Tapestry Bedspread. $119.50

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fair trade tapestry#421/ Sale! "Toran" Wall Hanging from India. Fabulous embroidered "Toran" with mirrors and beads within the design. Handmade from vintage, ceremonial saris. Tabs on top for hanging. They are perfect for hanging above a doorway or window! 37 x 40 inches. Was $48.50, now just $19.50

fair trade tapestry

[close up]

015web.jpg (1293466 bytes) #467/ New for 2015! Rust & Red Beaded 18 inch Throw Pillows from Guatemala. Beautifully Handmade! $19.00. 

 013web.jpg (609349 bytes)

[close-up of the bead work]

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IMG_1387b.jpg (491109 bytes) #471/ New For 2015! Guatemalan Espresso Cups...and they make great Shot Glasses too! Hand Painted, Hand Thrown. Lead-free, dishwasher and microwave safe. 5.75 each. 
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Our Guatemalan Patchwork Quilts:  
Sizes For All Colors: King-104 x 94, Queen-94 x 94

Our New Design Mixed Huipile quilt [see below/right] is made from a consistent blend of of large embroidered patches [with no circular center huipile]. The designs embroidered into either of these quilts will leave you breathless. Cotton with a Poly backing. Each is an absolutely unique work of art.


#473/ King, New Design: $121.95.
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#498/ Queen, New Design: $114.95.

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Our Fabulous Mixed Huipile Guatemalan Patchwork Quilts!
Our original Handmade Mixed Huipile Patchwork Quilt is designed around a circular center made from one entire Huipile [Mayan Embroidered Blouse], and it is surrounded with dozens of oversized  embroidered patches. 
#319/ King: $121.95 

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#320/ Queen: $114.95 

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5938b.jpg (918168 bytes)

  New Design! Red & Earth Tones


#402/  King Red/Earth Tones. $89.50.

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#403/ Queen Red/Earth Tones. $85.50.  

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5745b.jpg (996859 bytes)

Vivid Bright Blue


#311/ King Vivid Blue $89.50.
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#312/ Queen Vivid Blue $85.50.
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5769b.jpg (934708 bytes) Rose/ Mixed pastels. Our New Design! The design that was featured in "Lucky Magazine"

#317/ King Rose/Pastels $89.50.
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 #395/ Queen-size Rose/pastels. 85.50.

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5957b.jpg (1336608 bytes) Our Newest Guatemalan Patchwork Quilt! They call it an Amantes Quilt. Gorgeous Bright Patches. They are beautiful! Available in King Or Queen Size.

#304/ King Amantes Quilt. $92.50. 
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#305/ Queen Amantes Quilt. $87.50.
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5738b.jpg (1050401 bytes) Rust/ Terracotta Guatemalan Patchwork Quilt #301/ King Rust. $89.50.
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#302/ Queen Rust $85.50.  
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Guatemalan Pillow Covers, Throws, Scarves, Table Runners, & Wall Hangings

Guatemalan Embroidered Huipile Lap Blankets or Throws!

5806d.jpg (1245532 bytes) #375/Guatemalan Embroidered Patchwork Lap Blankets. Also perfect as tapestries or Throws! 60 x 50 inches. Price: 49.50. IMG_5809b2.jpg (1185336 bytes)

[Close-up of another example] 

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IMG_5826b.jpg (1078001 bytes) #411/ Red & Rust Huipile Embroidered Lap Blanket or Throw. Cotton. The center is made from one entire Huipile [Mayan Embroidered Blouse]. Each is beautiful and absolutely unique! 60 x 50 inches. PerfecIMG_0677b.jpg (168477 bytes)t to curl up under. $49.50.


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5812b.jpg (958312 bytes) #410/ Vivid Blue Huipile Embroidered Lap Blanket or Throw. Cotton. The center is made from one entire Huipile [Mayan Embroidered Blouse]. Each is beautiful and absolutely unique!throw blanket 60 x 50 inches. Perfect to curl up under. $49.50.  


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Guatemalan Embroidered Huipile Tapestries!

5906b.jpg (597140 bytes) #331/ Guatemalan Embroidered Huipile Tapestries. Approx. 28 x 40 inches.
Rust/Red. Price: $39.50.  

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noname2b.jpg (1088350 bytes) #376/ Sale! Fabulous Guatemalan
Huipile Tapestries. 28 x 40. With fringes and hooks to hang them. Was $42.50, now just $39.50.

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Guatemalan Bed Scarves

Bed ScarfBrighten up any Bedroom without adding a new bedpread. These beautiful pieces complement & accent your current bedspread. They are made for Queen and King size bedspreads. Each is unique and Absolutely Fabulous!

 Sale! Red/Earth Tones Bed Scarf. 30 x 94 inches. Was $34.50, now just $31.50.

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 18 Inch Guatemalan Embroidered Throw Pillow Covers. Cotton. Zipper Back.

throw pillow #322/ Mixed Pastel Huipile Embroidered, Patchwork Throw Pillow Covers: Fit 18 inch Pillow Inserts. $19.00. 

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throw pillow #460/ Yellow/Gold 18 inch Throw Pillow Cover. Just a hint of green in the coloring. $17.00.

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015web.jpg (1293466 bytes) #467/ New for 2015! Rust & Red Beaded 18 inch Throw Pillows from Guatemala. Beautifully Handmade! $19.00. 

013web.jpg (609349 bytes)secure shopping

[close-up of the bead work]


IMG_0701b.jpg (847394 bytes)  

#323/ 18 in. Rust. $17.00
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throw pillow #324/ 18 in. Vivid Blue. $17.00.
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throw pillow #314/ Our Red and Green  Embroidered Throw Pillow cover. 18 inches. Zipper close. Cotton. $17.00. 
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throw pillow # 487/ Violet Guatemalan Throw Pillow Cover. Beautiful Violet/Mixed Pastel. 18 inches. Zipper close. Cotton. $17.00. 
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IMG_0652b.jpg (512294 bytes) #326/ Rose/Mixed Pastel 18 inch Throw Pillow Cover. $17.00


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throw pillow #446/ Red/Earth Tone Patchwork 18 inch Throw Pillow Covers$17.00.  

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throw pillow #444/ 18 inch, Blue/Mixed Pastel Throw Pillow Cover. $17.00. 


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throw pillow #466/ Our new Puzzle design. Wonderfully accents our new Puzzle quilts. Zipper close. 18 inches. Cotton. $17.00


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  Guatemala artisans

20 x 30 Inch Bed Size Pillow Covers From Guatemala

7120web.jpg (680397 bytes) #332/ 20 x 30 Inch Rust/Terracotta Bed Size Pillow Cover. Cotton. Zipper Close. $19.50.

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7130web.jpg (691463 bytes) #336/ 20 x 30 Inch Mixed Huipile Bed Size Pillow Cover. Cotton. Zipper Close. $19.50


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7118web.jpg (523988 bytes) #346/ 20 x 30 Inch Vivid Blue Bed Size Pillow Cover. Cotton. Zipper Close. $19.50.

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7125web.jpg (676874 bytes) #386/ 20 x 30 Inch Red/Earth Tones Bed Size Pillow Cover. Cotton. Zipper Close. $19.50.

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7116web.jpg (689361 bytes) #389/ 20 x 30 Inch Puzzle design Bed Size Pillow Cover. Cotton. Zipper Close. $19.50.

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IMG_0646b.jpg (447142 bytes) #390/ 20 x 30 Inch Yellow/Gold Bed Size Pillow Cover. Cotton. Zipper Close. $19.50

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7127web.jpg (757401 bytes) #372/ Rose/Mixed Pastel 20 x 30 inch Bed Size Pillow Cover. Cotton. Zipper Close. $19.50.

006web.jpg (1015308 bytes) #366/ New for 2014! 20 x 30 inch Amantes Bed Size Pillow Cover. Cotton. Zipper Close. $19.50.


Guatemalan Embroidered Table Cloths & Table Runners:

7006bweb.jpg (750056 bytes) #380/ Sale! Brightly Colored Guatemalan Embroidered Table Cloths. Red with many colors of embroidery. 34 x 48 inches.  Was $38.00, now just $36.00

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IMG_1270c.jpg (697656 bytes) #329/ New for 2014! Our New Guatemalan Patchwork Huipile Table Runners_MG_7107web.jpg (491212 bytes) from Guatemala. 53 x 12 inches. Cotton. Mayan Huipile Design. $19.95. 

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scarf Colorful Woven Cotton Guatemalan Scarves! 2 Designs. 12 x 55.

IMG_1578b.jpg (379401 bytes) #434/ Blue, Green, Teal & Gold Stripes. $12.00.


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IMG_1291b.jpg (498934 bytes) #435/Blue, Green & Red Stripes.  $12.00.  



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IMG_5833b.jpg (610634 bytes) #440/ Our Very Popular  Embroidered Patchwork Wine Bottle or Coffee Bag Holders! 

This is how to wrap the perfect wine!  15 inches tall with a tie-string to close it near the top. $3.45 each. Great for Coffee Bags Too! 


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116b.jpg (173707 bytes)Please join us in celebrating World Fair Trade Day, May 9, 2015!


Misc. Fees for Shipping. Fedex continues to increase rates so we had to increase our shipping rates to $12 and $16. 

#418/ Misc. Fees for Shipping. Select this for smaller items shipped to your customers. $12.00
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#419/ Misc. Fees for Shipping. Select this for quilts or bedspreads shipped to your customers. $16.00

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Note: International, Express, & AK, HI orders are extra. Contact us for those rates.

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fair trade artisansYou may place your order via fax [757-428-3067],  or just email  or call us [757-428-7218] with your order. 

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We thank you for your past interest and orders. Please call or email if you have any questions on any of our products or delivery dates. Another wonderful Fair Trade wholesaler is: ArtCrafts Gallery- a collection of vibrant handmade home accents, wearable art, puppets, greeting cards and fair trade gifts from Peru you won't find anywhere else.  

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