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Fair Trade Principles, Mission, and Testimonials:

Just Some of Hundreds of Personal Notes We Have Received from our Customers: mshoodquilt2.jpg (375286 bytes)

I wanted to tell you how please we are with the quality and artistic composition of the Guatemalan quilt we received. We liked it so much we ordered another one. I was very impressed with how beautiful the quilt is, how quickly the quilt arrived , and cannot wait to show this lovely item off to our friends. Thanks so much for a beautiful product, that helps both those who make it and is a delight for those who receive it. Linda Lohr, Schwenksville, PA

"Just wanted to tell you that my quilt is spectacular. I ordered it for a birthday present for myself. I'm so happy that I accidentally found your site because I love Guatemalan fabrics and artistry. Also thank you for being so nice when I called about my order. Here's a picture of my beautiful quilt." Thanks Dody Hood. Chico, CA 

image (3)b.jpg (546321 bytes)We love when customers share pictures with us of the items they purchase. Here is what she said: The quilts are so beautiful and the quality is unbelievable. They are so cozy and surprisingly soft too. Thank you for making them available to us in Canada. I am ordering another one today for my daughter as she loves it!! Thanks again, Deb Thomson. BC Canada

We are so completely thrilled with the Mixed Huipile Guatemalan Quilt that we received for my youngest daughter, that I have just placed an order for another quilt for my oldest daughter! The quilt is truly a work of art and expertly made. Iím so happy that I found your website! Please let the quilters know how much we appreciate their beautiful work. Thank you! Pam Powell, Lakeland , FL

WOW!  I just received my quilt and jewelry box and they are absolutely gorgeous!!!!  And the craftsmanship is also outstanding.  And the pillow covers are also gorgeous.  I am so very happy with these items and so very happy that my purchase is helping people instead of supporting slave labor.  They have an energetic beauty as well.  On top of that your prices are so reasonable. Many, many, many thanks!  I will be ordering from you again. Monica Smith, Groton , CT  

GujaretBedspread I just received my Gujarat Tapestry Bedspread. It is a joy to behold. What a cacophony of color on a dull winter's day! I have attached a photo of the bedspread in place. Erica C., Grosse Ile, MI 

Mr. Lam, This is the first time I have ever decided to provide a testimonial on a product I bought. I have spent many months looking for a unique, handmade quilt that was not "country" and I stumbled across your website after many hours of searching. Short of the picture on your website, I was buying the Guatemalan quilt based on gut instinct that this would be a good decision.Guatemalan artisan When I opened the shipping box, my initial reaction was a gasp. The quilt and pillow shams were spectacular...beyond what I envisioned and the fabrics and colors were simply beautiful! The quilt is very well made, generous in size (I ordered a queen) and it has weight. It will serve its purpose well in the Wisconsin winters! We are exceptionally pleased with the quality of our purchase, and I have passed on your website to many of my friends looking for bedding that truly is beyond expectations. I will definitely look to your website again for other purchases. Martha Audley Sussex, WI

Dear Friends, We just received our beautiful huipil quilt which is all that we had hoped for. This is a heartwarming purchase as well. My sister lives in San Cristobal, Chiapas and we love to visit her and explore the countryside which belongs to the indigenous Mayan people. The quilt radiates the color, identity and beauty of their natural world. Thank you for making such treasures easily available ... We will spread the word! Gracias! Anna and Roland Jacopetti, Santa Rosa, CA

Dear Mr Lam, I just received my amazing King size patchwork quilt,...pillow cases [and Mixed Huipile] throw blanket...I am absolutely amazed by how beautiful they are and cannot stop looking at them. The work is so detailed and they are so well made. I wish you every success! Sincerely,
Lorraine Anderson, New South Wales (Australia)

fair trade artisanDear Don, Thank you for the beautiful [Rust/Terracotta] quilt that arrived today. The colors and fabrics are just as rich as in the photos, and I'm sure we'll be enjoying this wonderful piece of artisan cratsmanship for many years to come. I only wish we could meet the women responsible for such a lovely, warm contribution to our home in Nova Scotia, where the quilt will be pridefully displayed.  Thank you!  We will be back. Best wishes, Christine Hobbie and Neil Brander, Nova Scotia

I am so happy with the quilt that I ordered from Fair Trade Quilts
.  It is one of the most beautiful works of art that I have ever seen. It is exactly what I was looking for. I searched the Internet for six months and thankfully I found your website. My thanks and appreciation go out to the artisans who designed and made my quilt. I will cherish it always. Sincerely, Helen Larsh, Silsbee, TX

BREATHTAKING!  I received my Huipile quilt today ... when I opened the box, the treasure awaiting was beyond words...I immediately laid it out on my bed and took a very long time studying and feeling all of the intricate embroidery and it brought me to tears through a huge smile.  Nothing this beautiful can be made without heartfelt passion, depth of soul and willingness to share.  I am so grateful to the incredible artisans who crafted this spectacular quilt and to your team for bringing these unique, heirloom-quality and "life-changing gifts" to us. Thank You, Steph Speziali, Plainfield, CT

Thank you so very much! My quilt arrived to day and it is simply gorgeous. I couldn't be happier. Also the speedy delivery is appreciated and my little purse is beautiful as well. I look forward to doing business again! Amy Mulligan, Philadelphia, PA

Don, I have spent the last several hours looking through your website and your products are the most beautiful textiles I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. I feel so fortunate to own some of them myself. I have come to realize how incredible, and talented these people really are. I guess I have always known that without you and those who work for Fair Trade Quilts, the artisans would have no market for their products. Their works are incredible, and you just "get" that.  Besides being of the very best quality, these products are made by the most talented craftspeople. I feel so very blessed to be in some small part involved with getting those beautiful works of art into the hands of the people who eventually come to love them as much as I do. 
Thank You Very Much for all you do, and for letting me be involved in a small way. I feel as though I am, in a tiny way, helping get some beauty into the lives of people who appreciate it. 
Janis Smith, Virginia Beach, VA

Dear Mr. Lam:  Just a note to tell you how much I love my new Guatemalan quilt.  It is beautiful craftsmanship.  I never thought I could afford such a beautiful textile at the price you offered.  I plan on ordering other products from fairtradequilts and will spread the word of your wonderful website to all my friends and family. Again, thank you! Rebecca Rapport, Austin, TX

Dear Mr. Lam, The [Zacualpa] bedspreads and pillow shams are BEAUTIFUL! They arrived today Ė sooner than expected Ė and I canít say enough good about them. The fabric is gorgeous and the needlework is very fine. Theyíre perfect!  I love the attention to detail... Warmest Regards to you and your talented artisans. Jan Pippins, Denham Springs, LA

Don, I've been gone and have just returned to your box of gorgeous Kuchi tapestries and am thoroughly agape and agog at the colors, beauty and exquisite craftsmanship !! Thank you so much. Your summary of Fair Trade Principles and Practices is excellent and inspiring. I've always wanted to do something similar ever since reading Anita Roddick's bio 15 yrs ago about her firm ethos of paying first world wages to the third world workers internationally who make her beauty lotions and potions. I've been to San Miguel de Allende to visit this summer and to look at land to relocate and was utterly smitten with their needlework trades there but need to hook into the fair trade Mexico network. Anyway, if I can see the way clear this year, hopefully, to gather enough resources to make this work, I'll be back in touch as I'd love to buy from you too in bulk. Keep on keepin on and again, please know how much I appreciate all you've done to make these textiles available. Staunchly, Rosalie Horton, Bethania, NC

WOW, I just received my Kuchi King Size quilt and it is amazing!  When I look at the various materials included in this quilt I know that many of the materials are from someone's blouse, skirt etc.  It is beautiful and I will love to share it with anyone who comes to my home. Diane Schlamp, Okanagan Falls, BC Canada

Dear Don, The Guatemalan quilt arrived yesterday and it is even better than I expected!  The colors and motifs are just wonderful, and beautifully arranged and put together too. Thank you so much! Becky Donlan, Lehigh Acres, FL

Wow, you guys are amazing. First of all I have no idea how you got me my quilt so fast, very impressive. Secondly, I could not be any happier with the quilt you picked out.... When I opened the box I immediately knew I would love it, couldn't be more me.  Seriously, I nearly cried. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!  I LOVE it so much. Lyn Pompeo, Cohasset, MA

artisan Dear Mr. Lam, I received the beautiful Guatemalan quilt two days ago.  I am nearly moved to speechlessness with its beauty.  It is so stunningly gorgeous, I am compelled to touch it every time I pass it by.  I laid it on the floor for now, so that I can see every part of it, crawl over it and examine it.  It is wonderful.  I am in awe at the ability of us humans, to take some pieces of string, made from a plant, and weave such lovely things.  I am so grateful that there are artisans in Guatemala who have preserved such an amazing talent.  When I saw it the first time I was sure that you had sent me a quilt ten times more gorgeous than the ones in the photos, but I realize that the photos, nice though they are, cannot convey the texture and richness of the textiles used in the quilts.  Please thank the women who worked on this quilt for me. Lorraine Kim, Champaign, IL

Fair Trade Quilts and Crafts Mission Statement 2016:

More Testimonials: 

Dear Don, My quilt came today and it is magnificent!!  I was in an orphanage, so there wasn't anything I could hand down to my children that would say "family", but this quilt will begin a legacy for my family. There is only one problem............which of the four children will receive it when I'm no longer here. (smile).  I guess they could draw straws. I do hope your Christmas was one with fond memories to cherish. Happy New Year from Talbotton, Georgia,  population 40, (unless someone died while I slept last night).  (smiles) Sincerely, Diane Collins

Dear Mr. Lam: My quilt has arrived. It only took 3-4 days. It is incredibly beautiful. The deep indigo is stunning in the afternoon sunlight and comforting and soothing at night. The black reverse side adds to the starry night feel. Thank you for this wonderful product. I shopped for hours before I happened to find your site. Tell anyone who lives in my cold Midwest climate that this is a substantial quilt. I put it over my down comforter and was still warm when my sweetheart stole the comforter for his side of the bed. I hate it when that happens, but I was still warm and safe under my indigo quilt. Thank you and best wishes to you and the lovely people of Guatemala. Yours truly, Julie Rheault, Madison, WI

Don, I just received my jeweled embroidered Indian quilt.  Words can not express the beauty and the fine textile art work that was put into making this quilt.. When I open the box, it was more than I ever dreamed of. I will treasure this quilt for a long long time.  I want to thank you for having these quilts, so that others can cherish them as much as I'm going to..  sincerely Susan King, Shippenville, PA.

So now I own two quilts and never get to use either! My eldest son immediately took possession of the first quilt and the second went to my younger son, who wanted a quilt for his bed "just like his brother's." Seems I will have to place yet another order in the future to have one of my very own! The quilts are beautifully constructed, heavier (read "warmer") than local quilts, amazing in the color combinations, and extra-comforting in knowing their creation provides funds for families in a growing area of our world. Thank you for the service to people on both ends of the "transaction"...the artisans and the recipients! (And yes, I am and will continue to be a repeat customer!) Catherine Goubeaux, Strasburg, PA

Dear Don - just received my quilt - it is magnificent - quality is far superior than I imagined - even after reading your testimonials prior to ordering. artisan I am so happy that I ordered - of course, your prices are far too reasonable.  Sincerely Sigrid Silverman, Tucson, AZ

Thank you for providing these beautiful items. The Huipile throw was gorgeous, and Iím enjoying my coffee mugs, too. I absolutely love the two handbags that I received ..., and am using one as we speak. The fact that these are all fair trade items is very important to me; again, my sincere thanks for being there; and providing this service to the public and the artisans. Gail Fought

This quilt makes me happy just looking at it.... it's a great piece with an astonishing sense of color interest. To be somewhat poetic, I can see and very much appreciate the dedication and effort that went into making this quilt.  In fact I feel that I received a gift, and of course your great attitude contributed to it - you deserve to succeed! Rose Ringel, New York, NY

I Love it! It is every thing I was hoping it would be. The colors are perfect for my room. Price was so good for such beautiful art work. Thank you very much. Carol Statler, Oregon , Illinois

Don, I received my quilt yesterday.....it is so much more than I expected.  I love it and know that my husband will as well...it is one of his Christmas presents.  I was very leery of ordering something like a quilt on line.  It is so hard to tell what it is going to look like or to see the quality of the piece. I was not disappointed in either!!!!   Also, even though the website said I would receive the quilt before Christmas, I was really afraid that I would not get it and my hubby would be without a gift.  I will be passing your website on to more of my friends and co-workers.  In fact, I brought the quilt to work today in order to show it off.  With my order I received the free purse....I love purses and my next purchase might be one of the other ones you offer. Have a great Christmas! Nina
My quilt arrived yesterday and I love it!!!!  I have been to Guatemala and admired the fabrics.  I will have the quilt my whole life. Thanks, Megan Horst, Tulelake, CA 

"I just wanted to let you know that I was AMAZED when I opened the box! The Huipile quilt is amazingly beautiful and detailed! I have never seen anything like it, not in stores, not even in magazines! The Indian bedspread also blew me away! The colors are so vibrant and the stitching is so beautifully done. It is also so unique! I also purchased the Nepalese messenger bag and the Indian carry all...the Nepalese bag is one of the most interesting and unique bags I haveGuatemalan artisan ever seen and the Indian carry all's quality is unsurpassed. Even the free tapestry thrown in was ridiculously beautiful (I will give that as a gift as well!). In sum, your site, your products and the work you do is so valuable and I will definitely be a return customer!!! The best part is that I am a student and on a tight budget. Most of the items I bought were on sale- I never imagined I could buy such fabulous gifts at such fair prices!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!" Jaime Maupin, Richmond ,VA

It would take 1,000 words to describe my reaction to the beautiful quilt which arrived yesterday! The incredible patchwork of tapestry is an adventure in the spirit, workmanship and culture of the many people who produced it. Bless you for bringing their crafts into the USA. You and others in the Fair Trade Association, enrich our lives with the work of indigenous people, many who continue to struggle for survival in a "modern" homogenized and oppressive world .....I wore the bright and cheerful scarf immediately out to dinner and slept under the Guatemalan treasure you sent.....kindest regards to all...and Peace, Maria Grimaldi

"I have been looking for just the right cover for my bed. I've searched every on-line store I could find. I found everything to be too impersonal looking or contrived. ... Then I found your site. I am going to be so happy sleeping under what I ordered. Beautiful, personal, colorful. Perfect! Good luck with your venture." Laura Barker, Dunbar, WV

Guatemalan artisanRegarding our work with the Guatemalan training program ADIMH:
Dear Mr. Lam,
In behalf of all the women working as associates of ADIMH, we thank you for your donation. It will be used to purchase a new computer to support our efforts to provide office skills to poor women in the rural areas of Huehuetenango, Guatemala [see to left]. ...Thank you, Carmen Letona, Executive Director

If you, your company, or organization have computers that are in good condition and would like to support this project with a computer donation, please contact us at info@fairtradequilts.com. Special Thanks to Ron Powers from Pulaski, VA for his recent monetary donation which allowed ADIMH to purchase a computer and other office equipment. 

 "I just received my order and was thrilled. The quilt is beautiful and the necklace and  earring set is outstanding. The photos do not do it justice. I have never received more compliments on jewelry as I did when I wore the set to work. I would love to see more jewelry on the site. I think what you are doing is terrific." Darla Tucker, Dublin, VA

My beautiful quilt has arrived today! Iím over the moon! This is one of the most beautiful things Iíve ever purchased. Iím so satisfied with it, and itís gorgeous. Iím really happy. Iím showing it to everyone and people are stunned. Thank you so very much for this piece of art. And God bless those people who made the effort of making it. Thanks again, Rita Fekete,  London, UK

My Kuchi Indian quilt arrived at my Mom's on Monday. She was so excited that she called me at work and I picked it up a few hours later. It is magnificent! It's gorgeous with predominately deep magenta pinks and golden yellows. Every time I look at it I see more detail. Each patch is beautiful on its own. The quilt is bold, playful, sensuous and it has a history. I am amazed that it was handmade by artists from Kuch, India. I feel rich! The warmth and vibrancy it adds to my room makes it feel like an entirely different place. It makes me smile every time I look at it. Your customer service is outstanding. I will be purchasing from Fair Trade Quilts again very soon! Thank you so much. Artfully, Anna Arnold
"I've traveled throughout Central America on numerous occasions, but never encountered anything like your beautiful, handmade and very creative quilts. The designs are indigenous, unlike any you'll see in a North American store and bring a subtle authenticity into your home." Rebecca Rauber, San Diego, CA "I just received my fabulous stoneware mug today and it is beautiful!  I'm not even going to wait until the holidays to give it to my husband. I will be ordering one for myself and I'm making a list of friends to give one to this Christmas. Thank you for making these wonderful crafts available to us!" Mary Ashmore, Duluth, GA

I received my quilt and it is just beautiful!!! Your speed in shipping was amazing and I have spread the word. Thanks for being there!! Yours, Lisa Dalmeyer, New Milford, CTGuatemalan artisan

"Please let your readers and others looking at your site know that we were very impressed by the quality of your quilts and your responsiveness. It's obvious how much you care about providing this opportunity for and working with the artisans in Guatemala, and their painstaking work shows. The colors are deep and vibrant, and the quilt is something we'll treasure for many years." Katie Hultquist, Seattle, Washington 

"I believe that the concept of fair trade is a very tangible, down to earth, and positive way to counteract the current corporate-led globalization trend. Producers get a fair deal, consumers get a great product, with minimal (and very friendly and responsive!) intervention from the middleperson. The beauty and intricacy of Guatemalan weavings are well known to many. These quilts bring together the wonders of the Mayan craft in a very appealing, high quality, and affordable product." Again, thanks! Alan Cibilis, Wash., DC

Fair Trade Quilts and Crafts was established to import fairly traded products to North America, thus increasing the artisans' potential market and enhancing their income.  Your purchase of their wonderful crafts empowers their efforts to provide a better life for their families, and their communities. Don Lam, President, Fair Trade Quilts and Crafts

I want to thank you for your wonderful service! The Guatemalan mixed huipile patchwork quilts are fabulous! I am using them on two day beds-the vivid colors really compliment the aged wood. Thank you from a new, delighted customer who will definitely be a return customer. Isabel Besse, Falmouth, MA

I purchased a green Guatamalan quilt a couple of years ago and it is still beautiful. The mixed quilt I just received is so beautiful, its hard not to just stare at it. There is so many details in the cloth, embroidery, and cross stitching. I do hope the quilt makers know that their work is appreciated very much. Thank you,   Evelyn Rollins

" I was AMAZED when I opened the box!  ...The Indian bedspread blew me away! The colors are so vibrant and the stitching is so beautifully done. ...  I will definitely be a return customer!" Jaime Maupin, Richmond, VA

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"I just wanted to let you know that, I was very pleased to receive my beautiful Guatemalan red/earth tone patchwork quilt, a true handcrafted treasure with superb quality and fine taste. Best wishes for Fair Trade Quilts," Oscar Ancalmo, CA

Fair Trade is one of the fastest growing social development models in the world today with the sale of Fairly Traded goods nearly doubling each year!

"Your quilts are very well made and I appreciate the work you do in Guatemala" Katherine Thompson, AZ, and check out the website of an organization that she worked with training health professionals in Guatemala at www.guamap.org.

"Warmest best wishes for the continued success of Fair Trade Quilts and Crafts and the talented women who produce such works of art." Ellen H., Hatfield, PA

"If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other."  Mother Teresa

In establishing Fair Trade Quilts and Crafts, we worked closely with Share de Guatemala; a not-for-profit organization involved in community development and food security projects throughout Guatemala. 

Dear Don,

"We are grateful and supportive of your effort to sell crafts made by democratically organized groups of small producers in disadvantaged rural areas of the Guatemalan highlands. ...Guatemala is a poor nation with very inequitably distributed incomes and access to opportunities. The situation of women is particularly difficult, ...and they are often socially and economically marginalized. Presenting market opportunities for rural Guatemalan Mayan women is extremely beneficial economically and in terms of increasing their sense of self-worth and social status."

"Those who purchase these crafts have the guarantee of owning a high-quality hand-made product that supports poor, women producers in rural Guatemala both economically and socially." ..."This is truly a worthy endeavor socially and we are pleased to be a part of making these fine products available to consumers in the United States." 

LINKS: Contact us at info@fairtradequilts.com to have your site appear on this page. Please see our link policy below.

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Friends of the Ixchel Museum- The Ixchel Museum is the only institution in Guatemala dedicated to the study and conservation of Mayan weavings. 
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Bead Studio- Amazing selection of beads, charms and embellishments for body adornment and home decor. Free online beading projects and monthly newsletter. 
Timely Jewels - Original designed, handcrafted jewelry using Turquoise, other natural stones, coral, amber, crystal, fresh-water pearls, recycled glass and Sterling silver. 
Little Cedar Log Homes- A small family business specializing in the construction of log homes and cabins. Nice folks, beautiful work! 
Blue Bird Gardens- A fine collection of handmade quilts & collectables.
Butterfly & Nature Gift Store - Butterfly and Nature Gift store offers butterfly and nature themed gifts including butterfly art, jewelry, pictures, kits, houses and more. 
The Butterfly Site - Explore the exciting world of butterflies by visiting The Butterfly Siteís dozen butterfly topics for gifts, live butterfly releases, and supplies! 
Van Gogh Studio - your museum quality art reproductions
- Hand painted museum quality Vincent Van Gogh art reproductions. The best on the net! 
Swazi Candles USA
- Hundreds of handmade reburnable candles imported from Africa in many colorfully patterned animal and geometric shapes. Low to free shipping.
Burning Butterfly- Fabulous handcrafted candles. 
African Crafts Market
- Producers/suppliers of all African arts and crafts , hand crafted out of top quality material. From Zulu shield and beads through to wood/stone carvings. We deal in African animal hides , ostrich eggs and much much more. Wholesalers welcome!

Gift Ideas & Other Link Partners

UK Catalogue - UK Catalogue of Furniture, Kids Clothes, Ladieswear, Menswear, Electrical and other High Street products. 
Wholesale Sterling Silver
- Wholesale sterling silver jewelry rings necklaces charms and more from Bali. 
Sterling silver jewelry
-  Special edition product e-retail & wholesale sterling silver jewelry rings necklaces charms and more from Bali. 
Teak Patio Furniture- Teak Patio Furniture. Classic Teak specializes in very high quality patio furniture & garden furniture at substantial discounts. 
in2play Wooden Toys-  in2play is an online store offering a range of traditional and wooden toys for children including, baby, construction toys, educational toys, toys that aid creativity and wooden train sets. 
- Litecubes from WowCoolStuff.com - cool stuff for you Home or business from all over the world. litecubes, friendly footstools, cool lighting, party masks, and much more! 
Bull Frog Spas
- Great Hot Tubs. 
Bar Stools- Elegant Bar Stools is your leading manufacturers supplier of Wood, Metal, modern and contemporary bar stools and kitchen counter stools nationwide.  
Discount Rare Books- Large inventory of first edition rare books for sale. 
Wholesale gift basket supplies. Wholesale selection of supplies for gift baskets including baby items, gourmet food, more. 
Bar Stools & Barstools-
  Commercial quality, fully customizable bar stools & chairs, made from the finest imported woods, toughest metals, & most attractive textures and colors. 
Bar Stools 21
-  Low cost, high quality, fully customizable bar stools, counter stools & chairs. 
Flowers-  Send flowers at the click of a mouse. Online delivery for flowers in the UK. 
The Furniture Sourcing Service from Your Bar Stool Store
Provence Online Shopping for Home Decor and Gifts Ideas-  Mediterranean Interiors brings the colors of Provence to your home. Gifts for all occasions, dinnerware, tableware and glassware, linens, tablecloths, napkins and placemats, exotic wood jewelry and wood pens, perfumes bottles and Raku pottery. 
Children's & Kids' Furniture - Bunk beds, loft beds, desks, dressers, chairs, tables, lamps and other accessories.
Computer Tables and Computer Lab Furniture -  American manufacturer of high quality computer furniture for the classroom, office and home. All products are guaranteed for life, and shipped for free. 
- Findsavings.com is the premier source of coupons for online merchants. A great place to save money and time while shopping online. 
Comfortableshoes.com- Comfortable Shoes, Sandals & Dansko Clogs. 
Western Kitchen Accessories & Appliances UK- With over 35 years experience,  Inhouse Kitchen offers the best kitchen accessories and services at competitive prices. 
Gift Basket Companies  - Find gift baskets and other gifts at the premier gift basket site. 
Deco Days Antiques & Collectibles- Quality Art Deco bronze and marble sculpture, lamps, vintage watches, fine & costume jewelry, period paintings, etchings, drawings, decorative accents and objects d'art. 
Buy Costa Rican Gourmet Coffee Beans
- In our plantation we produce one of the finest gourmet coffee beans from Costa Rica. We roast and sell our single farm gourmet coffee direct to our customers. Buy coffee here and save money.  
Crown Jewelers- They offer a wide selection of engagement rings, diamond rings, gemstone and gold jewelry. They also offer no credit check accounts and online credit approval regardless of credit history. 
Stain Glass Windows
- They offer a wide selection of stain glass windows, gifts made of stained glass, beveled windows, and sun catchers of all sizes. 
La Belle Epoque Vintage Posters- The finest collection of authentic antique advertising posters, Art Nouveau & Art Deco, 1890s-1960s. Food and drink, Opera, Theatre, Circus, War, Cycles, Automobiles, Travel, Wine & Spirits, Expos & Fairs, European & American, Etc. 
Modern & Contemporary Furniture from Comcore21
- Modern furniture, designer sophistication, contemporary flare. 
Art Gallery Worldwide
Mattresses and Daybeds. The best selection of all Things Sleep... mattresses, futons, DayBeds and more!
Surf Jewels- Handmade jewelry. 
Michael S. Cox Fine Designer Art Jewelry- Michael S. Cox offers unique fine quality designer art jewelry, available in .925 sterling silver, gemstone, and gold. His artist made jewelry selection includes contemporary and classic designer styles, offering both one of a kind and limited pieces available for women and men. 
Bar Stools Inc.com
- wrought iron and wood bar stools for the kitchen or recreational room. 
Grace Wrought Iron Furniture -
Manufacturer and Wholesaler of a complete line of wrought iron furnishings. Line includes bar stools, bakers racks, beds, pot racks, wine racks, store fixtures and etageres with glass. In business for 30 years 
Garden Arbor-  Ashley's Arbors features Americaís favorite line of vinyl garden arbors, trellises, address signs and mail posts. Available in many sizes, colors with free delivery! 
Sheepskin Slippers - Slippers are the perfect addition to any household. Warm, durable, and lots of fun. 
Household Goods and Furniture.com- Mission style coffee tables, household goods, furniture, bedroom, dining room, lounge.
123Greetings.com-  Christmas Gifts, Ecards From 123Greetings.com. 
Bachelor Dorm Furniture - A great site for bachelor apartment and dorm furniture. Everything from leather recliners, massage chairs and office desk chairs to bean bag chairs and storage trunks. 
Barstools- Online shopping resource for all your discount bar stool needs. Discount, metal, kitchen, and Trica bar stools. Choose your bar stool style, pick your options and check out. Your order ships in 5 days! 
Beach, Patio, Promotional and Market Umbrellas
  - Your Source for Custom Made Umbrellas for commercial and residential applications using Sunbrella fabric. 
Tudor Rose Antiques Centre
- Tudor Rose Antiques Centre in Petworth, West Sussex, offers a wide range of antiques including sofas and chairs, country furniture, silver, pictures, ceramics and painted and decorative furniture. Brownrigg Interiors.- Antiques Shop in Petworth, West Sussex, England, offering a mix of antiques,decorative antique and contemporary furniture of highest quality, including paintings lighting and sculpture. 
Diamonds- Diamond Source of Virginia provides a risk-free way to buy high quality certified diamonds at a fraction of retail prices. Don't pay too much for your diamond ring. 
Flowers--Delivery-Flowers.com- All kinds of information about flowers. 
Sofa slipcovers-
An online resource for slipcovers and pillows online. 
Flowers UK- Quality Flowers delivered next day throughout the UK also Champagne, Chocolates, Balloons etc
About Fine Art Oil Painting Reproduction, Oil Portrait Painting & Pet Portrait - Isabel Art Gallery offers prestigious fine art oil painting reproductions of Masterpieces, oil portrait paintings, pet portraits & wedding portraits, entirely hand painted by professional artists, graduated from Art Schools. 
Casa de Milagros - Casa de Milagros is home for orphaned children in Peru, that is a very loving wholistic community that heals and educates beautiful abandoned Peruvian children. They are always in need of your tax deductible donations (Non-profit). 
House of the Children
- House of the Children is dedicated to supporting the indigenous children and families in context to their cultural and environmental needs in the Manu Rain Forest of the Southeastern Peruvian Amazon. 
Best Sounding Wind chimes  
- Over 2400 gifts for your garden home, family and friends, most at 25% off retail. Unique & affordable collectibles. New products added monthly. Find the gift you want at a bargain price. 
St. Andrew's Book, Gift, and Church Supply- Provides Catholic books, religious articles, Christian items and church goods. Located in Vancouver, BC, St. Andrews has been serving the Catholic and Christian community for over 20 years. 
AvidLinks Business Exchange
- Exchange links with other web businesses and increase your web traffic. 
Beautiful Butterfly Jewelry- necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and rings with a butterfly theme. 
Gift Hunters.co.uk-
Great UK gifts and gift ideas. 
Ceiling Fan
- They offer a variety of decorative and branded ceiling fans as well as helpful info. on ceiling fans.
Office furniture-new, used, and discount- Factory direct pricing on office furniture and office chairs along with great personal service. So, whether you are a start-up or well established company, your computer furniture business is top priority at 247 Workspace. 
Tulip Toys UK- And more wonderful toys for you in the UK.
e-ReferenceDesk - Consumer's Guide to Internet Resources - Provides consumers with a guide to Internet resources sorted by topic. Find family products, including education, financial, mortgages, health and beauty, legal services, home and garden, and security. 
Personalized Wedding Gifts 
Used Office Furniture- Systems News is leading the way for Used Office Furniture Buyers and Sellers to come together.
UK Antiques shop - Tudor Rose Antiques Centre - Tudor Rose Antiques Centre in Petworth, West Sussex, offers a wide range of antiques including sofas and chairs, country furniture, silver, pictures, ceramics and painted and decorative furniture. 
Brownrigg Interiors
.- Antiques Shop in Petworth, West Sussex, England, offering a mix of antiques, decorative antique and contemporary furniture of highest quality, including paintings lighting and sculpture. 
Ronald G Chambers- English Antique Dealers specialising in fine quality early Georgian to Edwardian antique furniture and Objet d'Art. 
Garden Fountains 
SmartBuySell.com- Online shopping directory with a huge number of categories. Tips and articles about safe online shopping and fraud protection. Online shopping discussion forum and much more.
Food Service Direct- A leading online supplier of restaurant supplies including cookware, glassware, bar supplies and paper supplies. 
PDA Buyers Guide- Recommendations and guides for buying used computers, laptops, digital cameras, PDA handhelds,  and cheap computer memory. 
House Warming Gifts & Traditions

Scrapbooking Supplies R Us - Everything that you will need to create that special scrapbook.

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